Why Counting Calories Isn’t Effective For Weight Loss

Why Counting Calories Isn’t Effective For Weight Loss.

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Typically speaking, 3500 calories equals about one pound of body weight. When it comes to counting calories in order to lose weight, this is the formula that people most often use in order to try and calculate the best way to meet their weight loss goals.

However, the human body isn’t quite as mathematically perfect as this formula would lead you to believe, and some research indicates that this might not be the most effective or seven safest way to manage your weight loss strategy.

According to nutrition experts such as Cynthia Sass from the website Health.com, one of the big problems with commonly accepted weight loss techniques is the fact that many of them seem to have been invented using a “one size fits all” mentality.

According to Sass, most of these fitness apps calculate these plans for you by taki ng the number of calories per day you’d need to maintain your current weight, and then subtracting 500 from that total. The reason these apps tend to subtract 500 from your current calorie intake is because this is the result you get when dividing 3500 by 7.

With this in mind, it seems pretty clear that this seemingly simple math equation is a little too good to be true. In order to meet your weight goals in a way that’s not only effective and efficient but also safe and healthy, we need to play around a bit with this established formula.

Instead of setting a goal weight, see what the calorie intake would be in order to maintain that weight instead. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds and you’re trying to hit 150, use your fitness website or app of choice to instead see what the calorie goals would be for someone who already weighs 150 pounds and wants to keep it that way, and then follow those instructions as well.

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  1. I use counting calories on mfp i got the base line and then adjusted it every 3 weeks until i was losing about a pound a week down 52 pounds and still going goal weight is only 200

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