VEGAN TEEN: what I eat + calories, macros, & nutrients

hope that you learned something from this nutrient breakdown!

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camera equipment I use!
dslr camera: canon rebel sl2
vlog camera: canon g7x mark ii
tripod: Velbon Videomate 300!
vlogging tripod: flexible gorillapod

– how old are you? 16.
– where do you live? southern california.
– what blender do you use? mine is not sold anywmore but the “professional” blender by ninja is very similar.
– how long have you been vegan for? 2.5 years.

current sub count: 71,964

p.s. this is NOT a sponsored video!

17 thoughts on “VEGAN TEEN: what I eat + calories, macros, & nutrients”

  1. It's always a good day when Ashley posts! xx Love this video! p.s. I'm also a vegan teen YouTuber 🙂

  2. I love your what I eat in a days and the fact that you are so young and promote such amazing things on your channel!!

  3. i’m not sure what you are going to do after high school, but you would make a great nutritionist or doctor

  4. ur so pretty and u inspire me to be vegan, im always just worried about the amount of nutrients

  5. i love her sm bc she is one of the few youtubers who actually eats enough calories & nutrients in their what i eat in a day videos

  6. can you get enough nutrients on a soy free vegan diet? i’m vegan but i’m trying to stay away from soy. thanks!

  7. probably a bit less calories than someone in your age would need, but i guess it evens out throughout the week. Love the oat recipe!! xx

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