So You Ate 5000 Calories in a Day… (r/loseit) Weight Loss Tips

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16 thoughts on “So You Ate 5000 Calories in a Day… (r/loseit) Weight Loss Tips”

  1. I used to love hiking w/ a 10+ lb backpack for a whole day because of the number of calories I burned. I would down and entire Jersey Mike's Giant sub…..chips….fries….sodas….and feel like "I earned this today." But now I am like ?????? Why eff up such a great feeling day!?

  2. So I am 5’3 and my weight just came in at 184. I used to be on adderall in college, getting off that I gained a lot. I used to be around 155, and doctors always told me I was fat for my weight. So even when I am skinny, or the size I should be, I still have this inner hate and not good enough feeling. I was anorexic in 8th grade and got down to 135 to which my doctor said good job but she didn’t know why my blood sugar was so low.

  3. Really needed this post, already lost 1.4kg this week (1500 calories, 175cm, sw:91.5kg) but today wasn't a good day mentally and ate like 2300 calories now? But I'm not thinking like I used to, I'm not giving up, tomorrow I'm standing up after I fall today.

  4. the only one reason why we fat are "we eating too much daily basic" just that, no other else.
    knowing that, learn, and control your self.
    eating your foods for life, not life for eating. that a whole different thing.

  5. 1 5000 calorie day is next 3-4 days of compensation for me. I don't freak out over it. So, chill, relax. Everything will be fine ☺️

  6. I hate my binge habbit. I'll be so great for a week but then I'll see like… taco bell featured in videos I'm watching and the urge to get taco bell just takes over and I'll forget my lunch at home and on my way to work and I cave and buy 15 dollars worth and shamefully eat the garbage. Eat half of it. Throw the rest away and throw up the garbage I just ate and feel bad. Go to the gym the following morning do intense weights and cardio until I feel like I'm abou to faint. Bipolar, depression and body dysmorphia is a true car crash sometimes while unmedicated.

  7. 5000 calories used to be what I ate daily. I am thankful I only became obese instead of morbidly obese. I lost 15 pounds and now I am just highly over weight, but not obese. I am trying to stay under 1700 calories and get to my healthy weight. But it is so hard!

  8. My new medication has me all out of whack. I see no point in counting calories when it really suppresses my appetite. Some days I eat a bowl of cereal, a handful of almonds and some semblance of a dinner as the side effects wear off. Off my meds, on the weekends, I either eat normally or borderline binge. The up and down makes me feel like there's no point in counting because I'm only eating normally 2/7 days of the week.

  9. My FBI agent must be looking out for me right now lol. I binged roughly 3000-4000 calories today because I was stressing over a precalc quiz. I felt really bad about it during it and afterwards, came home immediately and tried to sleep it off. It's my second week into my weight loss journey, and I feel like today was "the Wall" for me lmao. This video is just what I needed though, so thank you. 🙂

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