I'm Supposed to Eat How Many Calories?!! | Build a Booty

Got another killer leg/butt workout for you all!! I just got my Resting and Active Metabolic Tests done and found out how much I’m actually supposed to be eating.

Thanks for watching 🙂

15 thoughts on “I'm Supposed to Eat How Many Calories?!! | Build a Booty”

  1. my problem is all the calories i consume go to my boobs,like my boobs gets bigger as soon as i start eating more than usual and it’s so annoying

  2. New subbie here and first, I'd like to say you have a cool last name (hahaha) and second, how did you learn how to jump so high with your box jumps?? Anyways, good video, keep it up. I've binged watched all of your videos lol.

  3. Hi! It would be so awesome if you did a cardio video! I know you said you don't like it but it would be awesome if you did just one. I'm trying to lose weight and I LOVE lifting but I know I should lose weight before I lift. I lift anyways… Can't help it. Also if you could show how to use some of the machines?? I get lost sometimes on how to use them. You're so awesome, such an inspiration. I'll probably tell you that all the time.

  4. Ashley I think you SHOULD compete again, but go into it with a mindset that you are doing it for not only yourself, but to show other women that you CAN do it the healthy way. I coach a few girls and I never jeopardize looks for health, I take it to the "counseling" level, I legit make them tell me if they feel depressed, sad, anxious, and I've been doing it long enough to be able to notice when it's affecting a women in a negative way, a lot of coaches don't know how to spot body dysmorphia, or anorexia etc.

    I say go for it! But either way what you are doing is DEF. worth it because you can motivate others to change their lifestyle.

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