HOW TO GET SHREDDED | Complete no bullsh*t guide | Calories, macros, training, supps…

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17 thoughts on “HOW TO GET SHREDDED | Complete no bullsh*t guide | Calories, macros, training, supps…”

  1. Yo! You'll have to pause the video to read certain parts… I was trying to keep shit short and sweet. Any questions I didn't cover, throw them in the comments and I'll get back to you. If you found the vid helpful, drop it a thumbs up for me. Ty the people.

    P.s. sick meeting you geezers at BodyPower yesterday! <3

  2. My friend pretty big right, I used to be fat and weve both been working out for 2 years.. neither of us had a good diet but he had a really good metabolism so hes basically eating like shit and still gaining muscle and no fat right.. but me, I hardly ate because I couldn't afford good nutrition, and hes always saying "I love how people think you need to have good nutrition to get big, like I didnt and look at me" lol but now I work at panda Express and I'm eating hella protein now and I'm hella gaining muscle now.

  3. Not sure how you can say IF wont help more when calories are controlled compared with a normal ''diet''

  4. Everything you need to know – nothing more – nothing less!! Most definitely learnt more in those 12 mins 7 seconds, than I have since I've, loosely put, trained!

    On the road to Shredsville with Joey Motherfucking D!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ive been push-pull-legs for about 12 months now just because i hate following plans and it works great for me.cut will be 250 cals of cardio every day as you said and i will track weight.

    Great video,very informative

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