How Many Calories Is Too Low? – WARNING

If you’re wondering how many calories is too low for cutting, in this video I cover warning signs to know how many calories is too few for weight loss. Is 1200 calories too low? Is eating below BMR okay or is that too low of a calorie deficit? I give answers and talk about what to do if you get calories too low to lose fat.

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10 thoughts on “How Many Calories Is Too Low? – WARNING”

  1. This video and your diet break series has been a great help. I've decided to stop, a now 24 week diet because I have been experiencing all the brutal symptoms you mentioned in this video. I didn't give up before because of that very mental reasoning you mentioned. I thought it was personal weakness or a feeling of failure because I could not persist all the way to my final goal. My biggest regret is not even the weight loss but because my constant irritability really affected people around me and apologizing all the time could only pass for so long. Looking back the 37 lbs I lost is still a tremendous achievement and I hope that by following your advice I can reach my final goal after a 2 to 4 week diet break. Thank you again for your informative content.

  2. I've been doing 1500 calories pain bodybuilding for 6 months and I can't sleep and I thought it was a good thing. I'm going to add protein shake before bed with oatmeal maybe that'll work.

  3. Thanks, Colin. This has happened to me as in cutting my calories so low and stuffing up my metabolism and eating like a bird and not being able to lose anymore weight. All this information is awesome and helps me a lot as do a lot of your videos. Booyeh!! 🙂

  4. So I’ve been at my maintenance calories for about a month and I’m on vacation right now while also tracking calories. If I’m eating the same calories but with different foods (making sure I’m hitting my protein basically) is it normal to appear to more fluffy than when I’m eating my normal foods at home? Could I actually be inaccurately tracking and gaining weight or could I just be holding more water? I haven’t weighed myself in a week and a half so I don’t know if i weigh more but I feel like I look softer.

  5. Hey, wanted to say thanks for making content like this. It's helping me stay on the right track after a massive fat loss phase. Mentioned this on Paul's video too: In March of this year I had lost a total of 100lbs in 10 months. I could practically feel my body speak up for itself saying, "ok, we're done now". So I began a reverse diet and have slowly put on about 1lb per month of primarily lean body mass. In July I thought I'd see what happens if I created a deficit again and try losing a little fat for aesthetic reasons (and to experiment). In reaction to this, my body has rejected my plan and I've gained about 1-2lb despite being in a 250 calorie deficit. Instead of letting go of the fat, the body decided to just lower my metabolism from 1900 to 1650. Remarkable! So I will obey it's demands and continue reverse dieting until my body gives me the green light to lean out some more, maybe next year. Just thought I'd share my story.

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