How Many Calories Do You Burn Swimming? 🔥

We all know swimming is a great form of exercise… but just how many calories can you burn while swimming? A TON!

Learn what’s really going in your body while you swim in our new Whiteboard Wednesday episode!

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15 thoughts on “How Many Calories Do You Burn Swimming? 🔥”

  1. Hi my friend, and regards from Mexico , just a question : why the apple watch ( for example) don’t show the correct kilocalories burned when we made trainings whit kick? I usually burn 450 / 500 in one hour without a kick, and in the same time and the same distance when I put kick on my training is less?

  2. My typical AM workout is an hour an a half and anywhere between 2800 and 5000 meters, usually about 1350kcal. After that I frequently go home and eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream. Mmmm. It’s why I swim.

  3. You will continue to burn calories throughout the day because the repairing of the muscles this can take up to 48 hours. This is why its recommended to have 2-3 days rest especially if you're only going for weight loss.

  4. eggs and salmon plus or minus cottage cheese and a protein shakes with supergreen powder – my brekkie for last 5 years or so

  5. I am not hungry after swimming. Still have lots of energy. I eliminated wheat and sugar. If I have to eat, I eat real food–fish and salad with homemade dressings. Lots of olives. Green beans and grass fed ground beef sauteed together. Everything organic. Just a few examples. If I have to snack, I eat macadamia nuts. Not too much. I try not to snack. I only swim I,800 yards total. Different strokes similar to your drills. I am already done by 45 minutes and beat up. Then relax in hot tab for 15 minutes. Or run against the current in the water three times for ~ 50 meter each round.

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