Eating Whatever I Want | 5000+ Calories Indulgence Day! | Mcdonald's,Donuts and More!

Eating Whatever I Want for an day, Ultimate “chEAT Day”


Please be respectful in the comments below, Indulgence days are inspired by the wonderful Stephanie Buttermore and MattDoesFitness, These days are days where I eat whatever i want with the main focus of the day being evolved around eating, on these days I don’t focus on eating “healthy” however my everyday diet is very balanced and I’m receiving all the nutrients I need, I’m becoming mentally better with food and Indulgence days only help however Indulgence days are not for everyone, so if you decide to do an indulgence day make sure you are mentally prepared.

I DO NOT Restrict Prior or post Indulgence days I go back to eating my normal everyday diet which is STILL GAINING WEIGHT.

I DO NOT restrict myself of any food groups either, I still eat chocolate and other sweet foods on an normal day.


13 thoughts on “Eating Whatever I Want | 5000+ Calories Indulgence Day! | Mcdonald's,Donuts and More!”

  1. I swear these coco pops have barley in them lovely?. My best friend is coeliac and she says she can’t eat them because of the barley!! Xx

  2. I love that you are more free with your natural accent with Jamie , it’s so pretty lol , you are incredible Emma keep fighting x

  3. Omg this came at the right time!
    I ate 3000 kcal the first time since my last recovery attempt and 1000 kcal were sweets…
    I don't feel bad, I just was really hungry
    But the guilt omgg

  4. Hi there, hope your doing fine, you look very beautiful like you have recovered. I would try a burger challenge, check out my food challenges on my channel. Kind regards.

  5. You are such a pretty, lovely and inspiring girl! I will hav a chEATday on my birthday. Gonna film it as well 🙂

  6. I'm feeling guilty about eating a lot of food (3000 – 5000 calories) and sometimes also really unhealthy and high in fat foods (fries, fried snacks, crisps etc). I have only been recovering for less than 2 weeks but have already gained quite a lot of weight. I was only about 3kg underweight but I am under my set point weight (which I am guessing is around the weight I had before my ED because I maintained that without excercise or counting calories, just eating whatever whenever and however much I wanted). I try to tell myself my body needs this food, that things will become more normal over time and that I also ate a lot of (unhealthy) food before my ED. But I only had a restrictive eating disorder for a little over 2 months and I am afraid of becoming much heavier than I was before my ED. I lost 7kg and know I will gain that back. I just don't want to become a much higher weight than I was before my ED because of eating so much. Am I right in just eating whatever whenever even if that means eating an entire bag of crisps or 20 slices of bread? Thank you for making these videos, they make me feel less alone and I wouldn't have been able to even get this far in my recovery without you❤

  7. i have my first indulgence day planned for tomorrow, i was feeling super good and ready and then my friend and i made plans to go get breakfast at a smoothie place and i started getting nervous because liquid calories are still a huge fear for me and i hate feeling like i’m wasting calories on foods i don’t really want. Hoping to power through anyways and get some good food and not let the morning throw me off

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