EATernal CHEAT DAY GLORY | 14,000 + Calories

Don’t let anyone ever tell you, french toast can’t be had with dinner… ever. Enjoy!


Eleven City Los Angeles
Address: 5400 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036
instagram: elevencitydiner

#CHEATDAY #MagicMikey

Mikey how are you not fat?
Mikey how do you train?
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10 thoughts on “EATernal CHEAT DAY GLORY | 14,000 + Calories”

  1. I just can't get over how many more subsribers you deserve, editing ON POINT, food ON POINT, content ON POINT. Keep being amazing!

  2. Tell Katie Congrats- I hope you bring her on your channel & have her bake- Maybe she could bake your cheat day sweets as a video or part of one :o). For me being from Brooklyn (Home of Juniors cheese cake)- I have to go with cheese cake as my preference. I just had my "treat" day which included a slice of their strawberry cheese cake for my B-day this weekend :o). My other fav of theirs besides the plain is their Carrot Cake cheese cake (best of both worlds :o).

  3. I AM DEAD!! "its like orange juice but…. not" LOL man your videos are the best!!! Food looks freaking delicious!!

  4. a little suggestion. The music is too loud. I have to mute so that I could finish watching your video….

  5. Man I love your vids but I preferred the chill music, I often use headphones and the banging in your ears gets unbearable after a while <3

  6. great food there, here (the netherlands) we don't have such a variety of donuts and burgers :-(. Love your video's

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