Difference between horsepower and calories

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18 thoughts on “Difference between horsepower and calories”

  1. 16:11 is Kelvin*Watt, not kilo*Watt. I don't think I've ever used that unit, in anger or in peace. (When you manage to teach someone unit analysis, and they suddenly realise they can calculate 'just about anything' with it, it's a golden moment. If you don't get unit analysis, it's pretty much this: Everything you learned about calculating physical things in school, reduced to two simple tools that let you build everything you were taught, instantly and with no effort. No need for memorisation)

  2. Thanks for this. When I learned SI units and standards, I learned that there should be no space between the number and the unit.

  3. But Bjørn, you do exactly the same mistake ; you always mix percentage and percentage points! You do know the difference, right?

  4. Also, the unit for energy is Joules (J), W = J/s, so Watt is just energy per second. So kWh is 1000 * J / s * 3600 * s. So a kWh is pretty much 3.6MJ 🙂

  5. It's unfortunate the the industry did not adopt the "real" unit of energy which is the Joule. One joule is equal to 1 Watt-second. A kW-h is equal to 3.6 Mega-joules. A battery with 50 kWh is equal to 180 Mj. The kWh was only meant for people to be able to read their electric bill without doing any math. Electrical Engineers have this fundamental set of units: coulomb=Charge, Volt= Electro-motive Force, Ampere= the rate of flow of charge, Watt= Power, Joule=Energy, Ohms=resistance. There are other units such as inductance and capacitance etc, but that is too much.

  6. If people aren't learning the difference between power and energy the public education system has failed us.

  7. People are lazy. With fossil fuel we commonly say "my car needs 7 liters" and we mean "7 l/100km". But that isn't a problem, since "charging" fossil cars isn't talked about. Or have you heard someone say "My car needs 7 liter/100km but fuels up at 20l/min (flow rate)"

  8. Charge Rate: km/h or kW or (kWh or kW/h)
    Battery Capacity: km or kWh or (kW)

    I can see where the confusion comes from

  9. Everyone: “Were getting excited about electric powered cars.”
    TB:”but you are all wrong! Please remember to subscribe!”

  10. here in Australia we talk about solar systems in kw, I would expect anyone who is talking about kwh for solar is ignorant of the respective meanings

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