18 thoughts on “Counting Calories for Amberlynn Reid, Amy Slaton …”

  1. I will say though that even after all that grease from KFC, Amy’s lipstick didn’t seem to fade (just smudge a little) so that is pretty impressive.

  2. You’re severely underestimating the calories in that cream cheese. Cream cheese is normally like 90-100 calories per 2TBSP.

  3. "I usually choose diet soda so many people keep telling me diet soda is worse that regular, so I choose regular" sure Jan

    -> because ALR listens to people's advice since when?

  4. can amber stop the hmm hmm she does after every fucking bite? how good can that cucumber be? its overflowing with cream cheese ffa.

  5. I hate this so much, all of these women need help. YouTube is paying them to kill themselves, especially ALR. Instead of giving them views so they can continue to pay for their gross habits, YouTube should really think about boycotting them or suspending them from the platform. Just my opinion

  6. When digging thru her taco bell bag, why did she keep saying "What's this?" Didn't you order it yourself like 2 min before? Lol

  7. No matter how many times I see it, I’ll never get over PigTal’s steering-wheel high-chair tray. It’s just….

  8. Love your videos! I work out to them so I can keep on track with my healthy lifestyle! Thank you! ❤️

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