Burn More Calories at Rest – WARNING! Super Nerdy Science

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Special Thanks to my team and Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student – for working diligently on research as well!

Get Your Brain to Burn More Calories (uncoupling proteins) – Thomas DeLauer

This really impressive study published in the British Medical Journal showed eating low-carb actually INCREASES total daily energy expenditure (calories burned)!
Now what’s crazy about this is that keto doesn’t seem to increase body temperature, physical activity, OR non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). So how is it possible that keto increases calories burned?? Let’s dive into a super exciting hypothesis as to why this may occur! Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the comments!

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Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student:



18 thoughts on “Burn More Calories at Rest – WARNING! Super Nerdy Science”

  1. Wish u had a separate channel that ties the keto research with acute inflammation and chronic inflammation…
    I beleive the microstress events used by the brain for memory formation via norepinephrine release and the lactate shuttle mechanism is ramped up in accute inflammation and over time this creates chronic inflammation states and diseases like parkinson and alzhimers…which are actually the brain teying to protect itself..by lessening metabolic output..thus hypoxia.states

    The role of UCP in parkinson disease…a pissible reason why keto and cbd oil provides one part of the solution ..


    Allopathy science is well advanced tham medicine practitioners…and it points to ayurveda and homeopathy as solutions to disease …and diet as disease prevention protocol…

    I work with traditional ayirveda practitioners who live in the forest …and solve parkinson with ease..

    Utube : vaidyar's parkinson

    Parkinson for 6 years solved in 42 days..

    The use of medicinal ghee is an important step in this treatment ..

    Allopathy science is more and more giving.credence to the traditional medicine therapies but infrtunatley doesnt want to.work with it in gaining empirical knowledge..


  2. Dammit Tom! You mean to tell me Ketones have been the cold fusion for neurons of the brain this whole time & nobody's discovered it!? What'd you think I am a Starship Capt, or quantum nuclear physicist brain surgeon?! You can forget pulsars bursting out the blackhole when I control the entire Gama & Alpha quadrant with a single thought from my mind!!! I will have surpassed the order of Q, & all will be mine. Those who oppose, shall be turned to rubble & dust!
    My first commandment will be to bring keto friendly Taco Times to the children of Andromeda. They are not ready for the Milkyway, but one day they yurn to dance with & clothe themselves in its true auroric extacy of its presence.
    & no I haven't been drinking or taking the lithium. It's a gift.?

    You look like telepath in search of Crystal ball btw. Beware the taros. Just friendly advice. Btw fyi

  3. Does fasting durring recovery enhance both autophagy, and recovery time. Or would spiking insulin be a better choice for injury recovery ?

  4. Thomas I love your channel and the cutting edge ideas it provides, however I'm just imagining from someone who just found this, I don't think the beginning of the video is the best place for the Thrive Market plug or any plug to be honest. You're going to lose a percentage of people at the beginning with that plug and you'll lose objectively less if it's put at the end. Again, love the content, but I think that simple fix would lead overall greater growth of the channel.

  5. Good morning Thomas,
    I wanted to know your opinion on Bang energy drinks for the ketogenic diet and if they break a fast? Thank you!

  6. Hi thomas , will wallnuts be fine to take for some omega 3 after fasted workout with protien shake for more protien synteses ?

  7. Heya ,lost 5 kgs through intermittent fasting ..but i need to know can we make this fasting our lifestyle and keto diet as well…

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