A Full Day of Eating at 3,400 Calories | (400g+ Carbs)

I hope you guys enjoyed this full day of eating video! The Protein Waffle recipe is below. All online coaching information is below as well!

O N L I N E C O A C H I N G:
-Website: https://nicpalladinofit.com/
-Email: nicpalladino.fitness@gmail.com
-My Coaching App: https://youtu.be/ABcAKw3QJAo

I N S T A G R A M S:

Protein Waffle:
1. 80g Quick Oats
2. 92g Egg Whites
3. 18g Dymatize Elite Casein (Cinnamon Bun)
4. Coconut Milk (50-100g)
5. Dark Chocolate Chips

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18 thoughts on “A Full Day of Eating at 3,400 Calories | (400g+ Carbs)”

  1. Would love a series, but also really liked the casual way this vlog was filmed, everything seemed really natural. Good job, Nic!

  2. Definitely should compete in a show! I think it would be cool to see you bulk up to be able to compete in classic physique. Love the content, keep it up!

  3. Bro you should’ve done summer shredding Christine Guzman show I guarantee you if you done it by the end of July you would been at 100,000 subscribers

  4. This guy ate 3 boxes of Cheerios and 7 eggs in one meal lmao I can’t even fathom half of that in one of my meals

  5. Hi Nick, just curious: is Courtney bi-racial" it appears that she has some African American features on her such as those lips…

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