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Jill assures Anna that she eats just 1300 calories a day, but after Anna looks into she find out that she actually consumes almost 4,000 in snacks alone!

Secret Eaters puts overweight families under 24-hour camera surveillance – their every move and mouthful captured by cameras in their shopping trolleys, cars, fridges and cupboards. Once the families are aware of the scale of their overeating, they embark on a ten-week ‘Food Rehab’ regime to help them shift the pounds.

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17 thoughts on “4,000 Calories in SNACKS a day | Secret Eaters | Weight Loss | Fresh Lifestyle”

  1. Just buy a non stick frying pan that can "fry" food without oil, replace sugar with Stevia, and salt with other spices (pepper, oregano, paprika) and bam, you already have a bit healthier diet. Healthy doesn't have to mean boring.

  2. I tend to binge eat too. I now count my calories using “my fitness pal” to be aware of what I’m digesting. It includes the nutrients you’re consuming and the calories. I feel so much better knowing what I’m putting into my body (((:

  3. They're making a big joke of it.. she'll weigh 1000lb by the time she's 50 and will be complaining that it's the government's fault for not helping her out

  4. She's an owner of low brain activity so she has to occupy her time with more mouth and stomach activity.

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